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Transforming conventional supply chains of wineries into circular

About the project

WISE GROUP LCSP Skopje is implementing the project ,,Transforming the conventional supply chains of wineries into circular ones’’, granted by CeProSARD through the project ,, Leave no one behind’’ co-financed by European union. The purpose of the project is to reduce waste generated by wine and grappa producers by recycling it and turning it into new food product using a circular model. Project implementation period is October 2022 – August 2023. Specific goals of the project are:

- Increase storage space for grape pomace, in order to increase recycling capacity of grape pomace waste

- Education and raising awareness of local wineries and individual wine producers about the benefits of grape pomace waste recycling

- Development of marketing strategy, analysis of end consumers and packaging design for the product produced from grape pomace recycling

Ending 2022 with completed first objective
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WISE Group has started with implementation of the project "Transforming conventional supply chains of wineries into circular" co-founded by the European Union throughout the project "Support to social enterprises by following the principle Leave no-one behind" implemented by CeProSard. During the past two months, WISE Group managed to achieve its’ first objective – increase the storage capacity of its’ production facility for grape pomace storage at adequate temperature of -18℃. This allowed WISE Group to store three times more grape pomace as raw material. Although small step for the large grape pomace challenge, this was an important movement for the enterprise, as it allows more local wineries and individual wine producers to transform their conventional supply chain of wine production processes into more sustainable ones. By storing and repurposing grape pomace, these businesses can reduce waste and lower their environmental impact. The project, which is set to continue into the future, is a major achievement for WISE Group and a testament to their commitment to sustainability. It is also a step forwards for the wine industry in the country as a whole, demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of transitioning to circular supply chains.

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